GAP Academy

Program Starts Autumn 2019

GAP Objectives

G.A.P is an eight week long, intense program built around artists for artists. Artists will be selected via submissions and vetting. The program is designed to empower artists and give them the tools needed to take them to the next level of their career -

Providing artists with information, knowledge and solutions to scale and monetize their careers


  • Finding Your Sound
  • Rights - Producer rights, splits Mixing & Mastering
  • Learning the songwriting process
  • How to adapt your writing style


  • Deciding the right time to build a team
  • Finding the right people/band members
  • Choosing a Partner/Booking Agent
  • Stage Control/Perfomance skills


  • The mehcanicns of publishing
  • How to get published
  • Why it's important to have PRS as a writer/producer
  • PRS - various people from publishing companies explaining their role and what they do


  • Understanding your brand - target audience
  • Why is commercial important/how to utilise commercial to create further income
  • Brand Synergy - Does it make sense for your brand/fan base
  • Legal terms / contracts